[PSVita] Code : Realize – Abraham van Helsing Walktrough

This is the walktrough for PS Vita game “Code Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth~”.


Abraham Van Helsing     エイブラハム・ヴァン・ヘルシング


Chapter 1 London Steam
手を握る (Hold Hand)
頷く  (Nod)

Chapter 2 The Strongest Stalker
フランと  (With Fran)
出ていく  (Get out)

Chapter 3 Educational Days
ヴァンに教えてもらう (Get taught by Van)
油断を見逃さない洞察力 (Insight to not overlook carelessness)
ヴァンに教えてもらう  (Get taught by Van)
大人しく手を上げる  (raise hand dutifully)

Chapter 4 Train Snatch
賛成  (agree)
ヴァンを手伝いに (to help Van)
駅を離れる  (get off from train)
表に出る  (appear on public)

Chapter 5 Vampire Requiem
いい考えだと思う (Think it’s a good idea)
説得する  (persuade)
過去のことを聞く (ask about past)

Chapter 6 Negotiated Solution
このまま大通りを歩く (walk in the main street as it is)
……絶対ダメ!(Absolutely NO!)

Chapter 7 Illegal Race
すごく楽しい (It’s really fun)
反撃準備! (prepare for counterattack)

Chapter 8 Nobody Understand Truth
ありがとう  (Thank you)

<Individual route>(Save Point
Chapter 9 Serial Killer
…………(暴れる (Rage)→GAME END)
諦めて別の道へ (Give up and go to another road) (毒を使って扉を開ける (Open the door using the poison)→GAME END)

Chapter 10 Vampire
私は仲間だと思ってる  (I think it’s friend)
ドラちゃんの手当て  (Tora-chan’s treatment)

Chapter 11 Doll Face
ヴァンを追う (Chase Van)(その場に残る (stay in that place)→GAME END)

Chapter 12 Waking Evil
貴方が大切だから (Because you’re important)

Chapter 13 Stand By Me
反論する (Object) (黙り込む (silence)→BAD END)

Van’s True End


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