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First time i made this in my high school year (that’s about 7 years ago, wow that was a long time ago o(≧∇≦o)), i only made this for a school assignment. I just made it, not having a clue how to use this or lack of purpose. That’s why this blog has been abandoned for so long, i got addicted to other social platform that’s more easy to use and more widespread (yeah, facebook, etc etc). Juggling between facebook, deviantart, tumblr, instagram and so on are such a tedious task, i hardly had anytime for this one LOL O(≧∇≦)O.

But then i have an idea on how to use this blog properly. See, i’m an avid fangirl, obsessed with 2D image of bishounen because of my hobby. I like Jap’s anime, manga, and game. Especially game, it’s my life. I’m hooked with the Jap’s pop-culture product because of it’s art mostly. I’m an artist myself, so seeing handsome and beautiful character really makes me happy (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧.

And the one kind of product that makes my life more colorful than before is Otoge. If y’all wondering what the heck otoge is, let me elucidate here ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪. Otoge is an abbreviation of Otome and Game. Otome is a japanese word for girls or maiden, so an otoge is basically a game for girls. Well of course boys can play it too, it’s a free world after all. Equality for all~. Otoge is not a casual game though, it’s all about dating sim. Yeah, you got that right, this is the kinda game that is full of romance, the sole purpose of it’s existence.


Otoge is basically a dating sim that have a heroine as a main character, and she will be surrounded by so many good looking males who will acts as a possible love interest for her, then the heroine could romance them through a series of choices. Well of course every game has it’s own unique story, but this is the gist of it. The format of the game could be novel-like (visual novel), or stat-base one. Japanese otoge is still dominating the otoge markets worldwide, and most of the game are console based. The most popular console is PSP, having more than hundred titles just for otoge alone. PS Vita is the next successor of the PSP, and the otoge titles for Vita is growing strong as ever before.

Now, PC has a lot of solid otoge too, but the differences between the PC one and the console one is the censoring system. The most intimate act that you can get in console based otoge is making out in a bed, because the console company deemed anything further than that is not appropriate. It’s a different story with PC. You could get the most . . inappropriate scene wilder than your wildest fantasies (。>ω<)。. So if you like your game slightly naughty with a dash of racy, then PC is your best choice of platform.


Whatever platform you choose to play with will met with this one problem. Most of the good game that you want to play would be in JAPANESE. Of course there’s a lot of english based otoge, but the number is still low compared to the Japanese one. Not to mention the differences between quality of the art and the voice over, it’s a different monster altogether. But that’s not really a problem if you only want to see the CG scene, you could live without knowing what the story is, right? of course you could, but the real problem lies in the choices that you will have to choose to get said CG, and those choices also came in JAPANESE (ノ・д・)ノ.

That’s where this blog will come in handy for you. See, you could use a walktrough to get your desired CG safely, but there is still a problem of how to search the walkthrough in Japanese. And even if you magically find it, you will confused yourself with sheer numbers of Kanji in one page of a blog, making it impossible to differentiate the actual walkthrough of the game with the random talk of the blogger. Japanese blog is the most colorful, full of text in one display i’ve ever seen in my life. Not to mention the tiny font, non-existent spaces between the words, oh the horror! Σ(TωT)

Not to worry, because the purpose of this blog is to collect all the walktrough that i used to beat a route in an otoge, with english manual. Of course the walk itself would be in Jap, you were playing japanese game ffs. But now instead of the hassle of searching the walk in a jungle of kanji, it will be organized in one, english based blog. How cool is that? (╯✧∇✧)╯


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